Are pawn brokers safe to buy from?

Are pawn brokers safe to buy from?

Pawn brokers are great places to access loans or sell items to as they offer a quick way to access cash without the red tape and credit checks, but did you know they are also an excellent place to grab a bargain too?

Pawn brokers don’t just buy items, we sell them too. As a pawn broker, we specialise in second-hand goods and items, and we can be a great alternative to purchase them from elsewhere. This article explores why pawn brokers are a good choice and why it is safe to buy from us.

How do you know the item is safe to buy?

Buying second-hand items can be a minefield as you don’t necessarily know much about the item or its provenance. As a second-hand specialist, pawn brokers can take away a lot of that worry about buying a used item as we have a lot of experience and knowledge so we can support you with your purchase.

You can have peace of mind as we check all items before we purchase them to ensure they are working correctly and are safe to use. This is essential to us to ensure we handle items correctly for our reputation and so we can recoup the cost of the item.

In particular, we will check all electrical item to see that they are operating and safe to use. All devices that can hold preferences or personal data will be checked, wiped and restored to factory setting to protect everyone and so the item is ready to use straight away. Where possible we will include any instructions and paperwork for the item to assist you with it, however, it is easy to get copies of the instructions online these days.

We know that it is important to our customers as well as us to ensure that goods purchased are not stolen, which is why we check their origin and ownership as much as feasibly possible. As a business, we would never knowingly handle stolen goods and we work with the police to ensure all suspicious individuals and stolen items are not sold through our stores.

So why is it a good idea to buy from a pawn broker?

There are many reasons why it is such a good idea to buy from a pawn broker compared to buying the same item from a sales site or advertisement, this includes:

  • Complete peace of mind as all item are checked by our trained staff.
  • The ability to browse the items in our stores without feeling obligated to buy them.
  • Our stores are open six days a week and open late most days.
  • Your safety is important and by buying through us you won’t have meet up with a private seller or trust them to post the item safely to you.
  • We are trustworthy and helpful.
  • We will be honest with you about the item and its condition.
  • We can demonstrate that the item is in a good working condition.