Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Pawn has been helping residents of Hollywood and Margate, Fl with buying, selling, and pawning their items since 2010. We offer the highest price around guaranteed for gold, silver, jewelry, cars, motorcycles, boats, electronics, and more! Our experienced staff will help you by examining the items and then researching the going rates based on current prices to offer you an estimate to get you cold hard cash quickly. They will also help by explaining the reasoning behind your estimate and answer any questions you may have regarding the amount offered. They will go over the current gold and silver spot price, explain the number of carats in your precious stone, and why your car was valued based on its years and miles. Florida Pawn is the number one place to buy, sell, and pawn your items in Hollywood and Margate, FL.

What is a pawn loan?
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Will I lose my goods?
How do you determine how much an item is worth?
Can you pawn the same item twice?
Do you get more money when you pawn or sell?
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