Get Cash When You Sell to Florida Pawn in South Florida

When you sell your items to Florida Pawn in Hollywood and Margate, FL, we give you cash on the spot. Our experienced team has been assessing items and making fair and generous deals to Floridians and travelers in Hollywood and Margate since 2010. Your old necklace or guitar could be money in your pocket the same day you bring it through our doors, so don’t hesitate to look around your house or storage room and pick out what you’re ready to let go of for a profit. Your clutter could be the ticket to funds for a shopping spree. We’ll pay you the most for your items, so bring them into one of our locations today to find out what we can give you.

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Types of Items You Can Sell

At Florida Pawn, we buy a wide variety of items, and we’d love to see what you can bring in. Your antiques and old weekend toolset could make you money and provide someone else with what they need to decorate their house or build their own furniture. We specialize in assessing and purchasing all sorts of items, which include:

Large Items

Cars, boats, motorcycles, power tools, etc.


Jewelry, coins, antiques, watches, etc.

Jewelry and Diamonds

Necklaces, engagement rings, bracelets, watches, etc.


TVs, stereos, cell phones, laptops, etc.

Musical Instruments

Guitars, amplifiers, violins, drums and percussion instruments, etc.


Other Items. Please contact us for more information.

Helpful Tips for Selling Items

There’s hidden value in all sorts of items from diamonds and gold to circular saws and your high school trumpet. We can assess the value for it and offer you a generous exchange, but you can benefit from brushing up on some tips for when you bring them in to enhance your bargaining power. Some helpful tips for preparing you to bring in your items include:

Clean your items so they look as shiny, new, and appealing as possible.
If you sell your electronics, bring in all the additional cables, controllers, headphones, remotes, etc.
Items that still have the original packaging have more value.
If the item is battery-powered, bring working batteries with it to demonstrate that it still works.
While in most cases it’s not required, having the original receipt and proof of purchase can help with the sale.

Stop by Hollywood or Margate TODAY

Your closet, basement, or garage could have cash value hanging on the walls or tucked in a corner, so bring in your clutter and exchange it for money on the spot. We’ve specialized in the assessment of a variety of goods since 2010, from cars to laptop computers, and we offer the most for your items. Come by either of Florida Pawn’s locations in Hollywood or Margate today to buy, sell, or pawn!