Florida Pawn’s History of Convenience in Florida

Florida Pawn was established in 2010 by Mitchell Kaminsky to bring the best customer service, fair practices in the industry, and top dollar prices to customers in Florida. Our sister company is Gem Pawn Brokers, located in New York City and serving the boroughs as the most convenient pawn broker since 1947. With over 70 years of trusted experience in New York City, we wanted to bring that knowledge and experience down to Florida. So, in 2010, Mitchell opened Florida Pawn for the residents of the Sunshine State to buy, sell, and pawn quality goods. We have two locations in Hollywood and Margate, and they’re both open 6 days a week to offer the most for your items, from gold and jewelry to boats and firearms.

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You can get top dollar for your items to sell at Florida Pawn. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy brokers can give you a fair deal when you buy, sell, or pawn gold, jewelry, electronics, guns, and even large items like boats, cars, motorcycles, and power tools. We’ll give you cash for your items, so when you pawn that stereo or watch you can make a profit from the old one. You can also get collateral loans for quick cash when the need arises. Turn your diamonds, firearms, and other goods into money in your pocket by bringing them to either of our locations in Hollywood and Margate, Florida. And while you’re visiting, take a look at our items for sale at fair prices.

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Bring in your old rifles or unneeded engagement ring and turn them into cash at Florida Pawn. We welcome Florida residents and visitors at our two locations six days a week for convenient buying, selling, and trading of good-quality electronics, vehicles, power saws, and other items. Whether you’re in Hollywood or Margate, you’ll find the best deal for your goods. We offer the most for your gold, jewelry, electronics, guns, and large items. Don’t just let it pile up in your garage or attic; we’ll give you top dollar with fair practices and the best customer service experience. Visit one of our locations today and get cash for your goods!