Buying a wedding ring: tips from a pawn shop

Buying a wedding ring: tips from a pawn shop

When you are getting married there is so much to organise as well as so much money to lay out. One of the small but important tasks is getting the wedding rings, because let’s face we hope to be wearing these for the rest of our lives.

But what to buy and from where is often on our minds for this task. A good place to start is your local pawn shop as they can offer something different at an attractive price, so more money for the wedding or for the life you plan together.

Top tips for buying a pawn shop wedding ring

When you are buying jewelry you should always have a good think about what you want to buy before you start shopping. That way you can save time and when you are buying something for someone else ensure you buy something they would like.

Think about the type of material you want like gold, palladium or platinum, the color of the metal such as gold or silver, the quality of the metal such as the number of carats, and whether you want any stones. What style of ring you or the recipient would like and whether it needs to fit in with any other rings.

Once you have thought about the type of ring you want, then you should do some research on similar rings. This will give you an idea of the value of the ring and how much you may need to pay.

Armed with your knowledge you can also use this to negotiate on the price of your chosen ring. Unlike most jewelry stores, pawn shops are willing to reasonably negotiate their prices. To do this you should be prepared to haggle and start with a lower but reasonable offer.

Cash is also your friend. If you can pay with cash it provides you with greater bargaining power as pawn shops love to be paid in cash as they always need cash to buy new items. So, if you were planning on paying by debit card, draw the cash out to pay for the wedding ring to save some more dollars.

If you love the style of an old piece but it doesn't quite have that sparkle, you shouldn’t write it off just yet. Many older pieces of jewelry can appear a bit dull, but this could be because it needs cleaning to get that sparkle back. A professional clean could make it look amazing again and you could get a great deal for it.

So if a wedding ring is on your list of things to get before your wedding, head down to either our Hollywood or Margate stores to see what beautiful rings we have waiting for you.