Can I pawn chains?

Can I pawn chains?

Pawn shops handle a wide variety of items which includes a broad range of jewelry pieces such as chains. So if you are looking to pawn chains, you can pawn them with us at Florida Pawn.

What is a pawn chain worth?

The value of your chain will vary depending on several factors:

  • The make of the chain – popular brands and designer brands can increase the value
  • The materials that it is made from – it is made from gold or sterling silver, what is the quality and carat of the metal, does it contain any stones or gems
  • The design of the chain – there are such a wide variety of chain designs and this can impact its desirability based on current trends
  • The condition of the piece – if the piece has any damage to the links or clasp for example this can impact the value

All these factors will impact the value of your pawn chain as well as current market prices for gold and silver, so it is worth visiting one of our stores to get a valuation and then you will have an accurate idea of the value.

What sort of chains can I pawn?

You can pawn most types of chains including gold and sterling silver chains. Branded and designer chains will be more desirable such as Pandora, Gucci, Tiffany or Fendi. But your chain doesn’t need to be a designer chain to be suitable, although it may help with the value.

There is such a broad range of chain types and we accept them whether they are a short choker, mid-length or long rope style chain. The chain design can be a fine Figaro chain, a mid-thickness chain such as a rope chain, snake chain, belcher chain, trace chain, ball chain or box chain, or a thick chain like a cable chain or curb chain.

How does pawning a chain work?

If you want to pawn your chain you should visit either our Hollywood or Margate store with your chain so that one of our trained professionals can appraise it. They will assess its value based on the above factors and provide you with a fair and competitive loan offer or a sale value.

If you decide to take the loan, we will give you the money straight away and will take possession of the chain as collateral for the loan. During the loan term, your chain will be stored securely until the loan is repaid in full. You can repay the loan in full at any point and retrieve your chain. If you are struggling with repayments on your loan, you should speak to us to see if we can extend the loan term.

So, why not bring your chain to one of our stores and find out what your chain is worth as collateral for a pawn loan?