Money in eyewear: sell your designer sunglasses

Money in eyewear: sell your designer sunglasses

Could you have unwanted or unused items sitting around in drawers that could raise cash for you? Many of us could do to raise some extra money and selling those items that we won’t miss can be a great way to raise some cash. But which items might raise you the most cash? We often think of jewelry and watches but other items with less sentimental value might be more suitable to sell like designer items like handbags and sunglasses.

Why choose to sell designer sunglasses?

Designer sunglasses are a popular accessory with ever-changing trends, so they are often discarded to a drawer in favor of a newer design. They also tend to be an item that holds some residual value which makes them good to sell on. As they aren’t cheap to buy initially, many people tend to look after them so they can be in great condition and attract a decent second-hand value.

Where should I sell my designer sunglasses?

There are many places that you can potentially sell your sunglasses and you should weigh up the options of which might be the best for you. There are many online marketplaces and preloved sites where you can list them. For these, you will have to take photos, create a listing and handle communications with potential buyers. You will need to negotiate the final price, pay any fees, arrange collection or sort out delivery of the item. This can be time-consuming and can take time to get a buyer who offers an acceptable price. If there are any issues with the sunglasses or the delivery you will also need to handle that as well.

A smarter and quicker alternative can be to sell your sunglasses to a pawn shop. The process is simple and fast. You take the sunglasses into their store for an appraisal and they will provide you with an offer to purchase them and can give you cash straight away. As easy as that.

The pawn shop can also offer an alternative of a pawn shop loan which means that you can borrow some money (within the value of the sunglasses) and upon repayment of the loan you can get the sunglasses back. So if you aren’t ready to part with the sunglasses forever, there is that option as well. They can offer both a purchase and pawn offer at the appraisal if you are interested.

Where to sell your designer sunglasses in Florida

In Florida, one of the best places to sell your sunglasses is at one of our pawn shops. We have two pawn shops in Hollywood and Margate that would be happy to help you and will give you a warm welcome. So why not visit us and see what you can raise from your designer sunglasses, either selling or pawning them?