Pawn shops: 101

Pawn shops: 101

Intimidated, confused or downright don't know what a pawnshop is? 

Look no further! 

If you've ever needed a quick buck and have a few rare or valuable items lying around, it's probably time to visit a pawnshop. Or read about them at least. 

Pawn shops offer a loan service as well as a way to sell items that you don't want to bother selling yourself. It's kind of like an all-in-one selling experience. Sell directly to the buyer and get your money instantly. 

But many are apprehensive about pawnshops in general - with good reason. The media has notoriously turned them into places of little integrity and a whole lot of scheming. It's a good thing; this isn't true at all! 

Pawn shops can be places to get the best prices and find the best trinkets as well. 

Want to learn more? Read on! 

What is the best pawn shop near me? 

It is essential to find a reliable pawnshop - people you can trust. In the Florida area, Florida Pawn is trusted by clients to give you the best deals and prices, all the time. From watches to jewellery to even musical instruments - we buy them all! 

What can I expect from a pawnshop? 

These are the things to expect when going to a pawnshop. 

Pawnshops have two main functions: purchase an item from you or allow you to loan money while they take your item as collateral. In both cases, they allow a 30 to 60 day period to pay them back to get your unique item. 

What happens then? 

Either you say goodbye to the item as you allowed them to purchase it or you get a quick loan and eventually get your item back. 

The process should be a walk in the park when working with a reliable and trustworthy pawnshop. They will most likely use a variety of tools and such to inspect the condition of the item to determine its value. Sometimes, they even have a specialist come in if your item is rare! 

What can be sold at a pawn shop?

Pawn shops take almost any item you bring. It's really the price that differentiates your item from others. 

Pawn shops: What do they buy from customers? 

Usually, pawn shops will take any of these items as long as they're not knock offs or imitations: 

  • Jewellery
  • Guns 
  • Gadgets
  • Sporting equipment
  • Instruments 
  • Mid-tier and heavy-duty equipment

Pawn shops also purchase the following items with caution. 

  • Comic books
  • First edition books
  • Clothing
  • Condos and real estate
  • Cars, SUVs, vans, golf carts

The rarer the item, the better price you'll get for it. 

What's the best pawn shop near me? 

If you are in the Florida area and looking to pawn off a few trinkets, Florida Pawn is the place to be. 

They are famous for giving their customers the best deals and the highest prices, especially compared to others in the area. You can even book an appraisal session with them to know the worth of your item before deciding if it's worth selling.