Sell used tv Florida

Sell used tv Florida

If you are wanting to sell your used TV in Florida, then have you considered selling it to a pawn shop rather than trying to sell it privately? It could save you a lot of time and hassle.

Pawn shops are a great place to buy and sell electronic products such as entertainment systems like TVs as we can offer you a fair price for your items and we have customers who want to buy them.

The benefit of selling to a pawn shop

Selling used electronic goods like TVs can be difficult and time-consuming if you try to sell them privately as you will need to list the item online, social media or in display adverts which may incur a charge. You will then have to deal with enquiries from potential buyers and arrange to meet them to exchange the goods and receive the payment.

This can sometimes make selling items too difficult or problematic as the effort outweighs the benefit especially if you are worried about safety in letting a stranger into your home or having to deal with the comeback on any issues with the product after the sale. This is why many people turn to us to sell their electronic goods to.

At our Florida based pawn shops you can visit us at a time that is convenient to you with your TV and we will appraise the TV and offer you a fair price for it right there and then.

What types of TVs do we buy?

We are looking for TVs that will still hold some value and people would still want to buy. Therefore, we are most interested in TVs that are not too old and have features that are still desirable. We will consider LCD TVs, OLED TVs and 3D TVs of all sizes and makes along with their accessories.

However, there are a variety of factors that can influence the value of your TV which includes:

  • The make of the TV
  • The technology of the screen – OLED or LCD
  • Screen resolution – a resolution above 4K will be more desirable as will HDR
  • Screen size
  • Whether it is a smart TV with built-in WiFi
  • Whether it comes with a remote control or any other accessories
  • The condition of the TV and accessories
  • The original cost of the TV – although this doesn’t directly impact the price, it can indicate the features the TV has and its desirability.

The condition of your TV is important and obviously, you will need to be able to transport it safely to one of our stores to get it appraised so that we can offer you a value for it. We will consider all of the above factors when we appraise it, and we will offer you a fair market price for it.

As TVs are a large item to transport and can be delicate, it may be worth contacting us to discuss the sale before you bring the TV into one of our stores.