Selling Diamonds Florida

Selling Diamonds Florida

If you are thinking of selling an item without the fuss of bank procedures, pawn shops are definitely for you. 

Customers throughout the Florida area come to pawn shops to sell precious pieces of jewellery, luxury brand watches, and the most random power tools. Anything can be sold at a pawn shop! 

But for the best profits and value for money, expensive gems and jewellery pieces are one of the most profitable items that you can sell or pawn off when making a transaction. Specifically, diamonds are a great way to get cash quickly and conveniently! 

Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend; they could hold a lot of value and be a way to release some cash when needed. Diamonds continue to be a highly desired item as they have been for many decades, which is why they hold their value so well.

What does this mean for you when making a transaction in a pawnshop? 

This means that you will walk out with a good amount of money when you pawn off a diamond! 

You probably have a lot of questions about how to pawn off your precious gem, who to approach, and how to bargain your item. If you are interested in learning more about pawning diamonds, keep reading!

Are you thinking about pawning your diamond in Florida? Visit Fla-Pawn for more information about how to do so. 

The process when working with Fla-Pawn

Our mission is to create the best, most convenient experience for all our customers. Here is how we make that process happen in five easy steps: 

  1. We ask you about your diamond
  2. We set a time and store location convenient for you to come in 
  3. We offer you the fairest market value 
  4. If agreed upon, we sign a form 
  5. We send you the payment same day

We will examine your diamonds and make an appraisal, including discussing any impurities, from which we will offer you a loan.  We will be clear about the terms, which include the amount, interest and the length of the agreement.  We ensure that a fair agreement is offered for both parties. 

How can your diamonds raise cash for you?

If you want to raise some cash then you have a few options available to you that don’t involve getting a secured loan, including selling items or pawning items to a pawn shop like Florida Pawn. A pawn shop loan is a great way to get cash quickly but allows you to keep your precious jewels in the long term.

If you want to take out a loan against your diamonds, we can offer competitive rates, a simple loan process (that is quicker and more effective than other forms of loans), and won’t affect your credit rating. 

At the end of your loan term, you will need to repay the loan and the agreed interest, but you can also repay it early to get your jewels returned to you quicker if you want. If you are unable to repay the loan at the end of the term, you can contact us and we can extend the loan term and interest and payment amount. 

If you want to sell your diamonds and you don’t want them back, we offer this service too. Again, we will appraise your item and offer you a competitive price for them.

What do we look for in diamonds?

When we examine diamonds, we are looking for specific qualities which can make the diamond more valuable. We will look at their weight, their clarity (which is graded in terms of their clarity of SI to indicate their quality), and we will also grade their colour based on how colourless it is and its pigmentation.

Here is more information on what types of diamonds fetch a pretty price from us. 


The more colourless the diamond is and the greater the SI grading, the higher the value it has. Diamonds are rated using a scale, with D being the most colourless to Z being the highest colour. The only exceptions to colourless diamonds usually are coloured diamonds such as pink and blue. 


Clarity refers to the measurement of how flawless the diamond is. Flawless being the highest (which means the diamond has no conclusions or imperfections) to an I3 means that the diamond is heavily damaged. 


The carat refers to the weight of the diamond.  We are most interested in diamonds with a weight that is half a carat or higher. One of our certified diamond buyers will assess the quality of your diamonds and will grade the diamonds accordingly.


This refers to the shape of the diamond and how well it was cut. We are interested in all kinds of diamonds including pear diamonds, round diamonds, oval diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and many more. Your diamonds can be individual jewels or part of a piece such as a diamond ring, diamond necklace, diamond bracelet or diamond earrings. We will also appraise the metal that the diamonds are set in, look at the setting of the diamond as it has an impact on the quality and price, to give you a complete value for the piece.

Other information

To get more value out of your diamond, be sure to come with us armed with as much information about the diamond as you can. Telling us where it came from, when it was bought, how much it was brand new, if the piece has been reset, this is a huge help when it comes to pricing your diamond. It also shows us that you know your stuff! 

If you want to find out what your diamonds are worth and more about the services we offer, visit one of our stores where one of our team can help you.

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