What items pawnshops buy

What items pawnshops buy

We often get asked what items pawnshops buy as there is such a broad range of items that we would consider that it's hard to pinpoint an exact list. A broad description would be items that hold some value and desirability so that they are worth enough for a pawnshop loan or to purchase them to retail.

What items do we buy?

Typical items pawnshops buy like us tend to be electronics, jewelry and designer goods such as:

Electronics – We accept such a broad range of electronic goods as long as they can be proven to be in a good working condition. This includes flat-screen TVs, laptops, tablets, games consoles, hand-held devices, cell phones, and appliances.

Jewelry and diamonds – Jewelry is always a popular pawnshop item as long it is in a good condition whether it is gold, silver or good quality costume jewelry, it could raise funds for you. This includes rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, charms, watches, earrings and brooches.

Clothing and footwear – If you have desirable brands or designer label goods that you no longer wear it is worth digging them out as they can also raise some cash. This includes shoes, trainers, coats, dresses, suits, jeans and more.

Accessories – You may also have some key designer accessories that were once treasured items that you no longer love which could help you buy something else for your wardrobe. This includes sunglasses, handbags, belts and hats.

Large items – We are also interested in large items that wouldn’t necessarily fit in our stores, but we can still sell. This includes cars, boats, motorcycles and power tools.

This list above however is not extensive, and we do also accept other items including musical instruments, silverware and collectibles. The best thing to do is contact us for more information and to discuss your item to see if we are interested.

How do I get the most for my item?

When you are thinking of bringing something to us to sell or pawn, you should make sure you are presenting it in its best condition and make sure it is complete. So, firstly clean the item so we can see its condition and it is more appealing. Secondly, check that the item is intact and has all parts with it as we will be checking this. It is also useful to bring with you the receipt to show proof of purchase, although this isn’t always necessary.

Where to sell your items

Florida Pawn is one of the best places in Florida to sell your goods to as we have been providing pawnbroking services since 2010 and have stores conveniently located in Hollywood and Margate. And even better still we offer some of the most competitive prices for goods. So visit one of our stores and find out for yourself what a great service we offer and how much money you can raise.