Where to pawn antiques Florida?

Where to pawn antiques Florida?

If you are looking to pawn antiques Florida there are two places that should be at the top of your list – our Florida Pawn stores at Hollywood or Margate. We offer great prices for antiques and a fantastic service!

Many antiques can be sat around collecting dust or packed away in attics, basements, garages or in storage as they have been passed down to us or collected over time and no longer fit in with your style or meet your needs. It always seems such a shame for these once loved items to be hidden away when someone else could be enjoying them and you could be benefiting from the cash that could be raised from selling them. So pawn antiques Florida and raise some cash!

What antiques can you pawn?

We will consider a wide range of antique items which can include jewelry, paintings, small furnishings and accessories. We accept a variety of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and watches. Contact us to discuss your item and see if it is something that you can pawn with us.

When you bring your antique to us, one of our trained and experienced appraisers will assess your antique and do the research required to find out its value. They will assess it based on its condition and current market value to provide a fair and generous offer.

Pawn or collateral loan?

You can choose to pawn the item and take the money for it, or you can use the antique as collateral for a loan. If you choose to take out a loan we will appraise the item in the same way but will provide you with a loan offer that will include the loan amount with the interest included and the length of the loan. When the loan is repaid you can have the item back again. During the loan term, we will store the item securely in our vault or warehouse. If you want to repay the loan early you can do so without any early repayment charges.

Why choose Florida Pawn?

There are many reasons why you should choose to sell your antiques to Florida Pawn. Most of our customers return to us as our staff are knowledgeable and friendly and they trust the service that we offer. We have two convenient stores in Hollywood and Margate that are open 6 days a week.

We buy and sell a wide variety of products and offer loans that are quick and flexible secured against your assets such as antiques, jewelry or car.

Find out for yourself how good our service is by bringing your antiques to us at our Hollywood or Margate stores and see what they are worth.