Why buy and sell designer sunglasses at a pawn shop

Here in Florida, we love our sunglasses, but they are not just an essential item, they are a fashion statement. Sunglasses can be a classic statement piece which is why designer sunglasses are so popular, this is also the case in our pawn shops.

Why buy designer sunglasses from a pawn shop?

You may never have thought of buying designer sunglasses from a pawn shop before and may wonder why you would. The key benefit of buying from a pawn shop is that you are getting good quality items at a great price. As the items have been used they are cheaper than getting them new which can typically be 30-40% less.

If you are looking for preloved designer sunglasses, pawn shops are the safest place to buy them from as you can trust that they have been checked for authenticity and you aren’t going to be ripped off. Pawn shops are a safe place to visit unlike collecting items from a stranger and you know you will get the goods once you pay for them. You can also try the sunglasses on with no obligation to buy them.

Pawn shops often have a unique range of items as they aren’t limited by what is being produced in the current collections and there are often some limited edition items which are impossible to find elsewhere.

Why sell your designer sunglasses to a pawn shop?

There are many reasons why you should choose to sell your designer sunglasses to a pawn shop and the primary reason is to make some money. If you have sunglasses lying around that you no longer use as you have upgraded to a new season pair then why not make some of the money back on them?

Selling designer sunglasses can be difficult as there aren’t necessarily that many good outlets for them unless you sell them online. Selling them online comes with the hassle of listing them and communicating with potential buyers and negotiating on the price. It also has the risks of not receiving the cash or disputes and not being delivered in a good condition if you aren’t selling them in person. If you sell them in person you have the inconvenience of having someone coming to your home or meeting someone who may not turn up. There may also be fees to pay to the website listing them and the payment processor.

In comparison selling them to a pawn shop, you will just need to take them to the pawn shop to have them appraised and an offer made for them. You can negotiate the price and if you agree a price for them, you can walk away with the cash straight away. So, it is a much quicker and simpler process to sell them to a pawn shop.

So, regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell designer sunglasses, visit us in Margate or Hollywood first before going elsewhere.